Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral to be broadcast at World Athletes Monument


Atlanta, GA (CBS46) – Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral will be broadcast live from Westminster Abbey at the Prince of Wales’ World Athletes Monument in Midtown on September 19th.

The World Athletes Monument was a gift to Atlanta from the then-Prince of Wales, Charles III, to commemorate the 1996 Olympics. It has been a center of local mourning since the Queen died. Mourners left flowers, stuffed animals, and other mementos at the base of the statue. Similar grief spilled over when Princess Diana died in 1997.

The statue is 55 feet tall and is made of bronze and Indiana limestone. It is intentionally located along Peachtree Street alongside Peachtree Christian Church. Five bronze statues of him in the Atlas stand above a statue carrying a globe. A cauldron beneath the statue burns with a fire reminiscent of the Olympic torch.

The broadcast will begin at 6:00 am on September 19th and will be open to the public. Following the funeral, Georgia leaders deliver speeches during the Queen’s funeral procession to Windsor Castle.


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